Co-operate to Win explores the relations between management and labour and provides direction for preventing and resolving conflicts that often disrupt a workplace.


Continuing Education

Helping the Impaired Physician and Drug Diversion for Law Enforcement Officers are two of the multi-award winning programs contained in this accredited six-part U.S. training series.


Dramatic Recreations

Refresher Training for School Administrators demonstrates the key concepts and procedures in violence threat assessment and intervention using docu-dramatic recreations.


Portraits of Excellence

The Spirit of Adventure reveals how entrepreneurs turn their ideas into viable enterprises. We dig into what drives them, the obstacles they had to overcome and what skills helped them. It offers practical insights for those considering this path. We produced half of the stories in this series.


Video Annual Reports

We capture the compelling personalities and accomplish- ments of organizations in ways impossible in a traditional written report.  As a client commented to us: “It captures the heart of our organization.”


Comic Relief

To inject a little frivolity into corporate events we often blend employees and actors into humorous sketches and television parodies. It’s a great ice breaker that draws people together in laughter.

Intentional Narrative

Photo credit: Andrew Murray

Our narrative style is disciplined, directed and informed by a thorough understanding of what our clients want to accomplish. We specialize in unravelling complex themes in ways that are original, engaging and memorable. The projects we do come in all shapes and sizes from dramatic training series, video annual reports to corporate profiles. We also enjoy making people laugh.

Our work has taken us around the world and given us opportunities to cherry pick the best freelance artists. This circulation of new blood and ideas keeps us current and fresh. With each assignment we bring together a team that is matched to the project.  Our combined talents bring together the disciplines of e-learning, psychology, script-writing, acting, cinematography, animation, design, music and editing.

We value the friendships we build with our clients and work hard to keep them pleasantly surprised.

Client Comments


  • American Medical Association Media Awards (short list finalist)
  • Awards of Excellence from the CACE (Bravo Awards)
  • Apex Awards of Excellence, Virginia
  • Chicago International Film Festival (Intercom Awards)
  • Columbus Film Festival Awards
  • IABC Award of Merit for Communications
  • ITVA Gold Maple Award
  • U.S. Health Information Media Awards
  • Yorkton Film Festival Special Jury Award

Trophies I’d like to have received.

Shakil Nundloll

Art Director/ Motion Graphics Artist/Editor

Shakil is one of those rare individuals whose artistic talent and character are both exemplary. He refers to himself as the ‘Pixel Guru’ but I feel that is an understatement. His creativity is boundless and his genuine, good natured energy brings out the very best in those he works with. As far as his technical prowess goes, when you watch him in front of the computer his hands are a blur!

Shakil is an accomplished editor, compositor, director, art director, designer and motion graphics artist. He has mastered a wide range of compositing, editing and animation tools including, AVID, Final Cut Pro as well as 3D Max and the Adobe Premium Suite of programs, especially Adobe’s After Effects.

Shakil has done everything. He’s worked on TV commercials, documentaries, corporates, drama, comedy, music videos, trailers, and demos. He even created a virtual set for a children’s television series.

I’ve had the privilege of being Shakil’s friend and colleague for over twenty years and there is no one I respect more for his professionalism, consistency of excellence and personal integrity.

My Story

Oliver Brodie, Head of Security

At the heart of all my videos is a desire to persuade, to enlighten, to shift attitudes and to illuminate the truth.

I’ve worked in a broad range of genres from docu-dramatic to humour on commercials, corporates, branded entertainment, e-learning, educational dramas and social marketing campaigns.

Several of these have been broadcast on CBC, Vision, Global, CTV, SCN and TV Ontario. We’ve served all levels of government, corporations and the non-for-profit sectors.

We’re fast at identifying and capturing the details that will express the essence of your story with clarity, insight and punch. My own ability to interview was developed from my clinical training in counselling and a previous career in the human services field. It sharpened my ability to anticipate ‘moments,’ to relate to interviewees on a deeper emotional level and to reveal what is authentic.

Our images serve only the story and themes you wish to convey; adding to the emotional response you intend rather than distracting and showing off. Like any good piece of writing or performance, an enduring video expresses what is hidden and vital; a spell is cast and the viewer changed. I enjoy finding artful solutions to complex questions.

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